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Thermography in dentistry-revisited

Authors:Sudhakar S, Bina Kayshap, Sridhar Reddy P
Int J Biol Med Res. 2011; 2(1): 461 – 465  |  PDF File


Thermography is a method of measurement of skin temperature distribution on the body over a given period of time. For the past four decades, various devices have been used to measure the amount of heat dissipated by the body. The principle behind such application was built on the fact that, as the amount of blood circulation at different layers of the skin varies, the temperature also changes accordingly. Consequently, disorders that affect the blood flow too results in abnormalities in temperature distribution and these when evaluated will provide valid diagnostic informations. Thermography since its inception has provided numerous dental applications; however, its usage has been abridged when compared with other diagnostic modalities. This article highlights the basics of thermography and its role in dentistry.