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Information and communication technologies used by adolescents of today: an opportunity or curse?

Authors:Sudeshna Ray, Aparajita Dasgupta,
Int J Biol Med Res. 2013; 4(2): 3169- 3180  |  PDF File


Introduction: Today various forms of information and communication technologies have become all pervasive in the lives of adolescents. Objectives: To identify the impact of usage of information communication technology among 400 adolescent girls of a secondary school of Kolkata.Results:Attention deficit by multi linear regression showed that nocturnal usage of gadgets β(95% C.I) 0.391(0.305-0.477), computer usage β(95% C.I) 0.123(0.29-0.216), mobile phone usage β(95% C.I) 0.165(0.71-0.258) and television viewing β (95% C.I) 0.172(0.093-0.251) were significant risk factors while for poor sleep quality, nocturnal usage β(95% C.I) 0.058((0.026-0.90), computer usage β(95% C.I) 0.074(0.026-0.122), mobile phone usage β(95% C.I) 0.107(0.071-0.143)and television viewing β(95% C.I) 0.399 (0.337-0.462) were significant predictors.Multi logistic regression showed significant predictors of tiredness were nocturnal usage AOR(95% C.I) 5.5(3.3-8.9), mobile phone usage AOR(95% C.I) 1.9(1.2-3.2), and television viewing AOR(95% C.I) 2.3(1.3-4.1).Conclusion: Percolation of the message of only optimal usage of electronic gadgets is the need of the hour.