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Determination of sex based on adult fibula

Authors:K.Aparna vedapriya, T.K.Rajasree
Int J Biol Med Res. 2013; 4(2): 3199- 3209  |  PDF File


As the fibula is a slender long bone with unique ossification, its borders are developed by the development of muscular attachments, its periosteum is used for homografting and as it indirectly contributes to the weight bearing of the body. This bone has attracted very few authors for its study for the determination of age and sex in comparison with other skeletal elements. Author was interested to observe weather this part of the skeleton(fibula) can be used for determination of sex. The study was done to compare the parameters of fibulae of known sex from cadavers and CT Scans of living with fibulae of unknown sex(100 fibulae). The demarking points of weight, length of the bone, distal end width and mid-shaft circumference are derived. With these demarking points author could establish the sex of 100 fibulas. Few of them had overlapping of measurements which were ambiguous, where author required measurements of other bones to determine the sex. If 2of the demarking points of the parameters out of 3 parameters correspond to male/female sex than the bone is sexed as a male/female bone. If there are more than 2 parameters in the overlapping range than other bones of same individual are to be considered to determine the sex.