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Language performance in preliguinalchildren with combi-40+ medel cochlear implant system

Authors:Motassim roosan , Hussein Qasem ,Sohaib almomani
Int J Biol Med Res. 2013; 4(2): 3091- 3093  |  PDF File


Objectives: To compare the functional language performance of Jordanian speaking children in different age group who received Combi-40+ cochlear implant system at 2004-2009 at royal medical services Subjects:parents of the children who received a cochlear implant (CI) before 4 years of age, between 4 and 6 and above 7 years ofage were included in the present study. Methodology: functional language of was evaluated by interviewing parents using the adapted Parents’ Evaluation of Aural/Oral Performance(PEACH) of Children Questionnaire in Arabic.Results: On average, all groups of children had difficulties in everyday language functioning. However, functional results of children less than 4 years were better than those of the age group between 4 and 6 years poor functional language were in the age group above 7 years. In addition significant correlations were found between age at intervention and PEACH score. Conclusion:An early intervention increasing the functional performance of the children fitted with CI. PEACH can be a clinically feasible evaluation tool to implement in practice for clinicians to obtain meaningful information regarding children’s auditory performance in real life at childhood.