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Nitric oxide-cyclic gmp signal transudation pathway in pregnancy induced hypertension

Authors:Parul Goyal, Anju Jain , Shakti Aggarwal , Puneet Kumar Nigam , Sanjeevni Khanna , Jayashree Bhattacharjee
Int J Biol Med Res. 2010; 1(4): 165-167  |  PDF File


Due to the conflicting nature of the role of nitric oxide in pregnancy induced hypertension, we had undertaken this study to estimate the levels of nitric oxide, cyclic GMP and calcium in order to follow the signal transduction pathway in PIH at different periods of gestation. Venous samples were obtained from 40 pregnant women with diagnosed PIH (study group) and 20 healthy pregnant women (control group) at 28 weeks, 36 weeks and post delivery (within 48 hours). Blood samples were assayed for serum nitric oxide, plasma cyclic GMP and serum calcium. A comparison between the study and control group showed higher levels of nitric oxide, cyclic GMP and calcium in study group at each period of gestation with maximum levels at 36 weeks. There was significant correlation between serum nitric oxide and plasma cyclic GMP (r=o.2869) in study group at 36 weeks of gestation. Serum nitric oxide is increased in pregnancy induced hypertension, and nitric oxide, cyclic GMP- calcium signal transduction pathway is very important for the biological role of NO.