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Screening of pregnant women for micronutrient deficiency in early pregnancy in urban population.

Authors:Archana patnaik
Int J Biol Med Res. 2013; 4(3): 3407-3409  |  PDF File


Objective: To screen pregnant women for micronutrient deficiency specially iodine and iron deficiency during early pregnancy. Methods: Pregnant women (≤16 weeks) attending antenatal clinic in Hi-Tech medical college and hospital were enrolled for the study. Urine and blood samples were collected from 300 pregnant women for estimation of urinary iodine, haemoglobin and thyroid hormones. Results: Out of the total study group (n=300), 65%had normal thyroid hormone levels. Median urinary iodine concentration (UIC) was 276.82µg/l and 21.6% of the population had UIC <150µg/l, indicating iodine deficiency. Mean TSH and FT4 was 2.27±1.4 µIU/ml and 10.0±2.3pmol/dl,respectively,with 16%pregnant women having TSH>2.5µIU/ml and normal FT4(sub clinical hypothyroidism),11% having normal TSH and FT4<8.36pmol/dl (hypothyroxenemia) and 8% having both(overt hypothyroidism).Mean haemoglobin was found to be 9.4±2.1g/dl.About 85% of study group had haemoglobin levels below 11g/dl.Conclusion:Since iodine and iron deficiency during pregnancy may affect the growth and development of the foetus,it is very important that the pregnant women attain sufficiency of iodine and iron before pregnancy. It will be better if during adolescence the girls should be supplemented with adequate iodine and iron.