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In silico analysis of mycobacterim tuberculosis proteins to understand their role in susceptibility and protection

Authors:Parul Shrivastava and Tamishraha Bagchi
Int J Biol Med Res. 2013; 4(4): 3607-3614  |  PDF File


Aim: To analyze the epitopes derived from protective and TB pathologic antigen with respect to known protective and susceptible Class I HLA alleles. Method: The sequences of protective and susceptible antigens were first analyzed using bioinformatic tool CTLpred. The top scoring three epitopes from this were then used to analyse their Class I HLA restriction employing the Propred matrix. Result: We found that an increased number of epitopes of antigens involved in pathogenesis were predicted to associate with susceptible alleles than for protective alleles. Conclusion: For selecting an epitope for vaccine design it is not only important to study its ability to induce the protective cytokine IFN-γ but also the cytokine like IL-10 involved in pathogenesis, in the context of a specific HLA class I molecule.