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Pulmonary function and symptoms among petrol pump workers in nigeria

Authors: Adeniyi bamidele, Obaseki Daniel , Adebayo Ayodeji, dAwoniyi Francis, eAdebiyi Olubunmi, f g Oso Abiola, Erhabor
Int J Biol Med Res. 2014; 5(1): 3769-3771  |  PDF File


Objective: Exposures to petrol vapours have been shown to affect functioning of different systems of the body. The effect on lung function is largely unexplored in Africa. We aimed at studying the effect of exposure to petrol vapours on pulmonary function among petrol pump workers. Method: A cross-sectional survey using modified Medical Research Council questionnaire was conducted and spirometry was carried out after a typical work shift in exposed petrol pump attendants and security guards in a university hospital as controls. Result: The pre-bronchodilator percent predicted forced vital capacity and post bronchodilator percent predicted forced vital capacity were significantly lower for the exposed vs controls 83.4±12.2;87.2±11.9 and 83.9±12.4;87.7±12.3 (p=0.031 and 0.036 respectively). Conclusion: Exposure to petrol fumes of petrol pump workers may result in significantly lower lung function when compared with age and sex-matched controls.