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Effect of endurance training on lung function: a longitudinal study

Authors:Sandip Meghnad Hulke, Mrunal S. Phatak
Int J Biol Med Res. 2011; 2(1): 443 - 446  |  PDF File


Abstract Introduction: Physical activity is known to improve physical fitness and reduce morbidity and mortality from numerous chronic conditions and lung function is not an exception to this. Also, the sports activities have put the athletes at risk of exercise induced bronchoconstriction. Aims and objectives: to see the changes in pulmonary function over the duration of 12 weeks. MATERIAL AND METHODS: This study was a longitudinal study which was done on the students of Physical Education College. Hundred subjects (51 male, 20.18 yrs 1.147, 49 female, 19.91 yrs  1.89) were assessed using MIR Spirolab within 7 days of admission to their college and reexamined after 12 weeks. RESULTS: significant change was seen in PEFR in male however no significant change was found other lung function parameters studied in male as well as females. There was very significant improvement in aerobic fitness as assessed by VO2max in both male and female. Conclusion: physical activity does improve some of lung function and also there is no deterioration in lung function with 12 weeks of exercise but we recommend multiple longitudinal study.