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Heamatologic manifestation of pediatric systemic lupus erythematosus at queen rania hospital for children

Authors: Abu-shukair mohammed
Int J Biol Med Res. 2014; 5(1): 3908-3910  |  PDF File


Heamatologic manifestations of pediatric systemic lupus erythematosus at Queen Rania hospital for children Abu-shukair mohammed MD Abstract Aim: The aim of this retrospective study was to highlight the spectrum of heamatological manifestations in PSLE at Queen Rania Hospital for children( QRHC). Methods: This is a retrospective study that included 25 pediatric patients ,diagnosed with PSLE over a period of 11 years from January 2000 till December 2010 at QRHC at King Hussein Medical center ,Amman Jordan. Medical records were reviewed for heamatological findings including complete blood count,coombs test ,antiphospholipid antibodies ,anticardiolipin antibodies,Anti-neuclear anti bodies 7and Anti ds-DNA. Results: Heamatological abnormities ,that include abnormalities in complete blood count were detected in 48%at the time of diagnosis,which included leucopenia ,hemolytic anemia in 24%and 20% respectively and thrombocytopenia and lymphopenia in 16% for each. Positive ANA,and anti ds DNA were found in 100% and 88% respectively. Normal platelets were found in 74% while high platelets just in 10%.High erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) was found in 84%(21). Anti cardiolipin and lupus anticoagulant in 40%(10)and 16%(4) respectively. Conclusion: heamatologic manifestation in pediatric SLE was found In almost 50% of cases ,but when high ESR is added that will increase the percentage to more than 80%of cases. hematologic finding including leucopenia,anemia,lymphopenia,and high ESR could correlate with the activity of the SLE.