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Giant unusual shape vesical calculus

Authors:Kapadia Aseem, Singh Suresh, Ali Qutubuddin
Int J Biol Med Res. 2014; 5(1): 3947-3949  |  PDF File


A giant vesical calculus more than 100 gm.is rare entity.Fewer than 30 cases are reported in English literature of vesical calculus more than 100 gm.Largest vesical calculus was of weight 6294 gm by Arthure et al. Available treatment options for vesical calculi include open surgical removal, extracorporeal fragmentation and endoscopic crushing followed by extraction ofpieces. Recently, endosurgical mechanical cystolithotripsy followed by percutaneousextraction has been evolved for small or moderate-sized calculi.Our case report demonstrate vesical calculus >100 gm which is a rare finding in todays urologic practice.