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Scrotal porocarcinoma- an incidental finding in filarial scrotum

Authors: Naveen Kumar BJ
Int J Biol Med Res. 2014; 5(2): 4107-4108  |  PDF File


POROCARCINOMA is a rare tumor arising from sweat gland ducts. The tumour was first described by Pinkus and Mehregan in 1963 as epidermotropic eccrine carcinoma. The tumor favors extremities, particularly legs and feet, usually seen in adults of either sex. Clinically, it may present as verrucous plaque, polypoid growth or an ulcerative lesion of long duration. Local recurrence and metastasis to skin, lymph nodes, viscera and bone may occur. Treatment is wide local excision. Metastatic lesions can be treated with chemotherapy. We report an extremely rare case of scrotal porocarcinoma.