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Multiple giant cervical polyps : a case report with literature review.

Authors:Bhagwan Singh Yadav, Shirish S. Nandedkar, Kamal Malukani, Pallavi Agrawal,
Int J Biol Med Res. 2015; 6(1): 4741-4745  |  PDF File


Cervical polyps are a common pathology in the female adult population. Giant cervical polyp is described as a polyp greater than 4cm in size and is rarely seen in clinical practice. The size and clinical presentation mimic neoplasia. So far only 14 cases of giant cervical polyps have been reported in medical literature, which are mostly single. We report a case of multiple giant cervical polyps in a 51 yrs old female, presented with white discharge and a mass protruding through vagina. Clinically it was thought to be a neoplasia and panhysterectomy was resorted to. The diagnosis, management and pathologic findings of this entity along with review of literature is presented.