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Ipsilateral fracture dislocation of elbow with distal radius fracture in a child-a case report

Authors:T V Suresh Babu, S.Suresh Babu, Kopuri Ravi Kiran, Y poornachandra Rao, B Skylab Naik
Int J Biol Med Res. 2014; 5(1): 3950-3952  |  PDF File


Fracture dislocation of elbow joint is a common injury seen in skeletally matured people, when seen in children it presents in adolescent age group around of 12-14 years. We present a seven year old boy with ipsilateral postero medial elbow dislocation, with lateral humeral condyle fracture and compound type IIIA (Gustilo-Anderson classification) distal radius fracture. This combination of injury has not been described in literature. We managed the case with closed reduction of elbow, percutaneous fixation of lateral condyle, K-wire fixation for distal radius and split skin grafting. The child was followed regularly for one year, at final follow up, elbow was stable and fracture was totally united. High velocity injuries can produce fracture dislocation of elbow in children which requires early reduction and fixation of lateral condyle. Concomitant injury like open distal radius fracture and lateral humeral condyle fracture in this child were addressed properly to produce good functional outcome. Medial elbow dislocation associated with a fracture of the lateral humeral condyle is a distinct fracture-dislocation pattern.