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Comparison of peak expiratory flow rate and forced vital capacity between petrol pump workers and automobile repair workers

Authors:D.Niraimathi,M.R.Kamakshi, Nitin A.John, Kavita vasudevan
Int J Biol Med Res. 2014; 5(2): 4084-4088  |  PDF File


Urbanization has led to enormous increase in number of automobiles and in order to cater them petrol filling stations and workshops for repairing the vehicles had also increased accordingly. Workers engaged in these places are continuously exposed to petrol and diesel fumes which can take a toll on their health. Respiratory system is the most affected one as the fumes are volatile. The present study has focused on measuring peak expiratory flow rate(PEFR) and forced vital capacity(FVC) in sixty male petrol pump workers, sixty male automobile repair workers and sixty normal healthy male controls. Results showed that PEFR was reduced in petrol pump workers as compared to the automobile repair workers. PEFR was significantly reduced in smokers of petrol pump workers and automobile repair workers as compared to non-smokers of those groups. The results suggest that respiratory functions are significantly compromised in petrol pump workers as compared to automobile repair workers, as they are exposed to traffic vehicle exhaust apart from environmental pollutants.