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Aloe vera their chemicals composition and applications

Authors:Sharrif Moghaddasi M, Sandeep Kumar Verma
Int J Biol Med Res. 2011; 2(1): 466 - 471  |  PDF File


It was known to people in Egypt and also Greece for example Aristoteles explains special charactristics of Aloe vera. Jelâtin that is extracted from this plant is continuously used to treat burns, cuts and inflamed scars since many years. It is useful for skin damaged from X ray as reported in many reaserchs in journals related X rays. On the other hand concentration of glikoz in gelatin, results in high osmotic presure, that protect skin from live bacteria. Aloe vera include ‘’Antrokinon’’ cemicals that are known as anti virus, anti bacteria and anti cancer. Aloe vera has 400 species but just 2 species; A.barbadensis and A.aborescens are used for trade in the world. This plant need very less water for living and also can survive on saline soils, beaches and is resistance to disases and insects. It can live in very hot regions, but cannot tolerate cold. Aloe vera grows in, Mexico, India, South and centeral America, Africa, Australia, Carribians and Iran. This paper reviews history, its chemicals, medical usage, plant morphology, extracts and agronomy of Aloe vera.