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The changing trend of antibiotic resistance in tertiary care rural hospital.

Authors:C.K Dardi, SS Kulkarni, A.S Khare
Int J Biol Med Res. 2014; 5(2): 4040-4046  |  PDF File


Introduction: Antimicrobial resistance is an increasing problem worldwide as well as in our country. Surprisingly there is little formal data on the subject from India. Emergence of multidrug resistance has limited the therapeutic options; monitoring resistance is of paramount importance. Aims: • To find Multidrug resistance in commonly isolated organisms • Changes in antibiotic Resistance patterns in predominant organism isolated in our institute Materials & Methods: 4156 clinical specimens were processed by using the standard microbiological and biochemical techniques. 886 S.aureus, 498 E.coli, 153 P.aeruginosa isolated were further tested for Antibiotic susceptibility testing by Kirby-Bauer disc diffusion method on Mueller Hinton agar as per CLSI guidelines. Antibiotic disc were obtained from Hi-media Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. Result: During the period of 2007 to 2011 prevalence of MRSA increased from 41.89% to 67.68% & of E.coli from 20.76% to 27.44% & that of P.aeruginosa decreased from 9.58% to 8.75%. MDR in MRSA decreased from 77.41% to 62.81% & MDR in MSSA increased from 18.60% to 34.73%. In E.coli, MDR decreased from 100% to 88.82% & in P.aeruginosa from 100% to 36.50%. S.aureus from Pus & Blood showed high susceptible to Linezolid whereas from Urine showed high resistance to the entire tested antibiotic whereas in 2010 it showed high sensitivity to ampicillin 77.57%. E.coli from urine specimen showed resistance to Norfloxacin .E .coli from various specimen showed high susceptibility to Ampicillin, Amikacin & gatifloxacin during our period of study. In our study Pseudomonas was initially sensitive only to Amikacin & in 2011 it is susceptible to most antibiotic. Conclusion: Regular monitoring of antibiotic resistance profiles of the microorganism & formulation of a definite antibiotic policy.