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a case report of bilateral abductor paralysis and its management by tran’s oral endoscopic cordectomy, aryteniodectomy

Authors:K. Ravi
Int J Biol Med Res. 2014; 5(2): 4116-4117  |  PDF File


Paralysis of abductors of both the vocal cords causes the vocal cords to lie in the midline or paramedian position, this compromises the airway and causes respiratory distress which sometimes necessitating tracheostomy.The treatment of bilateral immobile vocal cords(BAP) is a balance between phonation, airway and swallowing .Various techniques of endoscopic approach for the treatment of bilateral vocal fold immobility have been proposed and have been modified by various surgeons. Trans oral endoscopic arytenoidectomy has become the most common method for its management. Though Co2 Laser is most appropriate tool for cordectomy for better haemostasis and minimimal tissue handling, we described the procedure of posterior cordectomy with aryteniodectomy using the electrocautery due to lack of Laser in our institution .