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Comparative study of serum 5’ nucleotidase,alkaline phosphatase aminotransferases & bilirubin in alcoholic liver disease

Authors:Anil Batta
Int J Biol Med Res. 2011; 2(1): 439 – 442  |  PDF File


Chronic alcohol use can lead to alcoholic hepatitis. The ALF warns that alcoholic hepatitis may last for years, causing progressive liver damage. The liver may be enlarged, tender, with nausea, fatigue, and jaundiced (yellow) skin and eyes as a result of hepatitis. Dilation of blood vessels beneath the skin's surface may cause spider veins and intense itching. Fluid accumulation around the liver and distention of major blood vessels can cause a hoarse voice and swelling. High blood pressure is common, and can damage the heart and kidneys.When healthy liver tissue is replaced by non-functioning scar tissue, the process of cirrhosis is underway. The normal passage of blood through the liver eventually becomes impossible, leading to the accumulation of toxins. Ammonia builds up in the blood, reaches the brain and the person feels and acts confused. A liver transplant may be necessary for survival. Liver cancer is a possible complication of alcohol-related liver problems, particularly of cirrhosis. Life-threatening congestive heart failure and internal bleeding are further complications of liver failure. With all above reasons & humanity in mind, I have tried my level best to bring this health hazard in a scientific mind to study. Since Alcoholic consumption has reached an alarming proportion I decided to take this research cum awareness to the mind of humanity at large so that my endeavor may bring the change in the thinking of people living in third world.