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Correlative study of lung tumors by bronchial washins, brush biopsy & foreceps biopsy

Authors:Srividya. V.V.L, Sailendra.Vaddadi, Dost Mohmadkhan
Int J Biol Med Res. 2014; 5(2): 4015-4024  |  PDF File


At the beginning of this century, cancer of the lung was relatively uncommon, whereas, it is now one of the commonest causes of death. This increase may be due to changing life style with modernization, urbanization and industrialization or interaction of human body with these environmental changes. Aim:To examine whether cytology and histopathology can complement each other in diagnosis of lung tumors. Material AND Methods; A cross sectional study is conducted in the department of pathology, Guntur Medical College, Guntur during May 2004 to June 2006, selecting a sample of 140 cases which were clinically and radiologically diagnosed as Mass lesions of the lung. Bronchoscopy was done for all theses lesions for the visualization of the tumor and washings and brushing material were collected and sent for histopathology. RESULTS:Out of 140 bronchial washings and brushing material, 40 cases did not show any abnormality and were labeled as Normal. Out of remaining 100 cases 60 cases only showed malignant changes. 40 cases which were diagnosed as Non-Neoplastic lesions included inflammatory lesions, reactive atypia, metaplasia and dysplasia cases. Cytopathology of washings showed 25% abnormality and brushings 60% abnormality. When biopsy is recommended in all these cases only for 44% cases, the biopsy material has been made available. The bronchial brushing correlated with Histopatholy to an extent of 90.91% whereas it is only 34.9%. for washings. Hence it is concluded that Combinations of biopsy with brushings can diagnose 100%, of all fibreoptic bronchoscopy positive cases. Performing this procedure may be more cost-effective than doing all three techniques routinely. CONCLUSION:This study is undertaken to assess the efficacy and diagnostic accuracy of cytopathology in bronchial washings and brushings when compared to Histopathology indiagnosing lung cancers