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Outline of quality indicator in clinical laboratory

Authors:Jayesh Prabhakar Warade
Int J Biol Med Res. 2015; 6(1): 4849-4859  |  PDF File


While quality in healthcare is an essential concept, the methodology to measure the quality is in preliminary stage. Developing quality indicators seems to be inspiring concept in measuring quality in healthcare system. Clinical laboratory being the inseparable part of health care system, we have made an attempt to through a light on quality indicators in clinical laboratory. Developing key performance indicators and monitoring, auditing and improving those parameters is a dynamic process which requires standardization, improvement and innovation – the three arms of any improvement process, may it be in industry or in service scenario. While standardization means removing the outliers‘ i.e. reducing the standard deviation, improvement denotes gradual bettering of a parameter from the previous level with a degree of irreversible consistency. Innovation is however, sporadic and often it requires a thinking cap which, while maintaining the speed of standardization and improvement, quickly takes the parameters to a new level.