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The anatomic considerations for superior mesenteric artery syndrome

Authors:Rohul Afza Kalooa, Ashfaq ul Hassanb, Ghulam Hassanc, Nisar Chaudharyd, Zahida Rasoole, Sajid Shafif
Int J Biol Med Res. 2014; 5(4): 4630-4631  |  PDF File


The superior mesenteric artery syndrome is a clinical rarity often detected late Among the numerous vessels present in the body the Superior mesenteric artery is a unique vessel which can get compressed and cause obstruction to duodenum in most cases and sometimes the obstruction can progress rapidly leading to catastrophe. We report a case of a young patient presented with acute onset, severe abdominal pain. It was preceded by several days of anorexia. After evaluating the patient for several days and failure of relief in the context of severe abdominal pain, CT Scanning revealed dilatation of the stomach and proximal duodenum with radiological evidence of Superior mesenteric artery syndrome in the form of compression of third part of duodenum.