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Sex chromatin frequency variation among breast cancer patients and normal females of two reproductive stages from bengalee hindu females

Authors:Koel Mukherjee, Pulamaghatta N. Venugopal, Malay Kumar Burman, Arup Ratan Bandyopadhyay
Int J Biol Med Res. 2014; 5(3): 4150-4155  |  PDF File


X chromosome inactivation refers to the developmentally regulated process of silencing gene expression from all but one X chromosome per cell in female mammals in order to equalize the levels of X chromosome derived gene expression between the sexes. In females, X chromosome inactivation (XCI) begins with the expression of the XIST gene from the X chromosome destined to be inactivated (Xi) and the coating of XIST RNA in cis. The apparent cytological overlap between BRCA1 and XIST RNA across the Xi raised the possibility of a direct role of BRCA1 in localizing XIST. The present study was conducted to evaluate the comparison of prevalence of sex chromatin in Bengalee Hindu Breast Cancer patients with Normal Bengalee Hindu Caste females, belong to two different reproductive stages viz. Menstruating females and Menopausal females. Materials for the present study consisted of the samples of buccal smears of 75 normal females (40 individuals from menstruating stage and 35 individuals from Menopausal stage) and 68 females of carcinoma of breast belonging to stage II, III, and IV. One hundred cells from each individual will be studied to ascertain the modal rate of incidences of sex chromatin. Our results revealed a significant difference between mean prevalence of Sex Chromatin among Breast Cancer patients, Menstruating normal and Menopausal normal females. Further, One-way ANOVA revealed a significant difference between the mean on Sex Chromatin frequencies among different stages of Breast cancer patients. This result is indicating reactivation of inactive X chromosome in case of malignancy. This result suggested the prognostic value of prevalence of sex chromatin in Breast Cancer patients.