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Critical appraisal of manifestation of srotodusti in srotogata vyadhis

Authors: vijay kumar , Ajay Nandmer
Int J Biol Med Res. 2014; 5(3): 4387-4390  |  PDF File


The term Srotas is derived from the root word ‘su sravano’ means which exude, ooze, filter, and permeate. Srotasas performs such functions which help to nourish the entire body. Any disturbance at the level of srotas either structurally or functionally leads to the genesis of diseases. Four varieties of srotodusti lakshana are observed namely - Atipravritti, Sanga, Siragranthi, and Vimarga gamana. Srotodusti lakshanas represent the disease manifestation. Disease may manifest either singly or in combination of srotodusti lakshnas. Proper understanding of srotodusti or srotovaigunya is essential to plan suitable therapeutics. Hence all the major diseases of various srotas have been critically analysed to understand the kinds of srotodusti so that one can think of applying the proper treatment.