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Effectiveness of a training programme on emergency contraceptives: a study among grass root level health workers

Authors: Amitava Kumar,Aparajita Dasgupta,Sanjaya kumar Sahoo,P S Preeti, Dhiraj Biswas,Sudipta Das
Int J Biol Med Res. 2015; 6(2): 4865-4870  |  PDF File


Introduction: Accurate knowledge of Emergency Contraceptive procedure among the peripheral health workers is absolutely essential so that they percolate the correct knowledge and also ensure adequate practice in the community they serve especially among women of reproductive age group which will ultimately lead to reduction of unwanted pregnancies and unsafe abortions. Objectives: To find out the knowledge on Emergency Contraception among health workers prior to and after health education regarding EC and to assess the impact of the training in the form of improvement of knowledge on the subjectMethod: Institution based cross –sectional study among health workers. At the beginning the health workers were asked to fill a self- administered questionnaire following which training was given on emergency contraceptives. All efforts were made to make the training contents appropriate, adequate, simple, and concise and at the same time very informative. The session was very interactive, lively and enjoyable. 2 weeks after the training programme a posttest schedule was again filled up by the participants in order to assess the improvement of their knowledge. The health workers’ knowledge (preand post-intervention) was measured with the help of scores. Result: Mean (SD) pre-intervention knowledge score was 14.37±6.698 while Mean (SD) post intervention score was 29.52±6.057. There was statistically significant difference between pre intervention and post intervention scores. Conclusion: A well-organized training programme on EC will enhance the knowledge of the health workers and this on turn will be very beneficial for the community especially for women of reproductive age group.