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Bilateral traumatic anterior dislocation of the shoulder � a rare case report

Authors:Amit Grover , Prashanth Nagaraj , Daksh Gadi , Inderjit Singh
Int J Biol Med Res. 2014; 5(4): 4618-4620  |  PDF File


Introduction: Shoulder is the most common joint to dislocate in the human body. Bilateral shoulder dislocations are very rare and occur following seizures and electrocution and are usually of posterior type. Bilateral traumatic anterior shoulder dislocation is a very rare entity with very few reports describing such an injury. Case Presentation: In view of its rarity, we report a case of bilateral anterior shoulder dislocation following a fall from height in a 28 year old female. Immediate closed reduction was done and both shoulders were immobilized for 3 weeks. At 8 months of follow up, patient had complete range of motion with no instability. . Discussion: Most of the bilateral shoulder dislocations are of posterior type following electrocution, epilepsy and seizures. A bilateral traumatic anterior dislocation is rare since one shoulder takes the burden of the impact. The principles of management remain the same as for a unilateral dislocation. Early reduction and immobilization for 3 weeks is recommended. Conclusion: To conclude, we would like emphasize that a bilateral post traumatic anterior shoulder dislocation is a rare entity. All orthopaedic surgeons and emergency physicians should be aware of such uncommon injuries to ensure early diagnosis and treatment.