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Anomalous origin of an arterial trunk from brachiocephalic artery

Authors: Pulipati Anil Kumar, Devi Reddy Krishna Reddy, Puttagunta Bapuji
Int J Biol Med Res. 2014; 5(4): 4625-4626  |  PDF File


Variations in the branching pattern of brachiocephalic artery are not uncommon. An anomalous arterial trunk was found originating from brachiocephalic artery in a male cadaver aged about 74 years on routine dissection of cervicothoracic region of 20 cadavers. This anomalous arterial trunk trifurcated giving rise to the branches which supplied thyroid gland, thymic remnants and pericardium. The knowledge of this anatomical variation is important for the surgeons and radiologists to avoid the complications during surgeries and investigative procedures.