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Humour aqueous level in senile cataract patients

Authors:N. Waspodo, R. Syawal
Int J Biol Med Res. 2015; 6(1): 4695-4698  |  PDF File


Aim : To evaluate normal levels of VEGF in human eyes which does not give adverse affect. Method : As much as 0.1 cc to 0.2 cc of aqueous humour are taken from anterior chamber of the patient’s eye with uncomplicated senile cataract prior to cataract surgery, using 27 gauge needle. Aqueous humour are analized under ELISA technique in the laboratorium. Result :Aqueous humour of thirty-one patients with uncomplicated senile cataract were taken within the range of age of 50 to 81 years old ( SD : 65.5 ± 15.5 years ). After been analyzed in the laboratorium with ELISA technique, the lowest level of VEGF in those patients were 32.9 pq/ml and the highest level were 217.5 µq/ml (SD :125.2 ± 92.3 µq/ml ). Levels of VEGF higher than 125.2 µq/ml were found in 16 people (51.61 %) while levels that are lower than 125.2 µq/ml were 15 people (48.39 %). Conclusion : VEGF levels in uncomplicated senile cataract patients were within normal range level, which were between 32.9 µg/ml to 217.5 µg/ml ( normal range : 15.6 µq/ml - 1000 µq/ml). Therefore, no evidence of inflammation occured as complications of senile cataracts, such as phacolytic and phacotoxic in hypermature senile cataracts.