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Vascularization imaging of conjunctival bleb as the anti-vegf injection of bevacizumab administered prior to trabeculectomy

Authors:N. Waspodo, R Syawal
Int J Biol Med Res. 2015; 6(1): 4699-4701  |  PDF File


Aim : This study was conducted to observe the vascularization imaging of conjunctival bleb as subconjunctival anti-VEGF injection of bevacizumab administered. Method : One day before trabeculectomy surgery in patients with primary glaucoma who has been administered of anti-VEGF bevacizumab subconjunctival for 1.25 mg / ml. Conjunctival bleb vascularization imaging was evaluated using a comparative overview of Moorfield criteria Grading System. Results : Evaluation of day 1, 14 and 30, based on Moorfield criteria Grading System showed improvement of conjunctival bleb vascularity, and the vascular appearance vanished on day 30 (21.2% avascular) Conclusion : The administration of anti-VEGF injection of bevacizumab showed positive results with the decrease and disappearance of vascularization (vascularization as a cause of failure due to fibrocyst formation of subconjunctival bleb). It shows the process of wound healing and bleb formation improvement as the subconjunctival injection of bevacizumab administered prior to trabeculectomy surgery.