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Phasic variation of serum calcium and magnesium in menstrual cycle

Authors:Vani Lanke*, Santhi Vadugu
Int J Biol Med Res. 2015; 6(1): 4785-4789  |  PDF File


AIM:Estimation of serum calcium and magnesium serially during menstrual, proliferative and secretory phases of menstrual cycle.METHOD:Serum calcium and magnesium were estimated in 30 healthy student volunteers with regular menstrual cycles by Sysmex chemical analyzer.RESULT:The results were analysed by student t-test with the help of Graphpad software Quickcalcs t-test calculator which showed significant cyclic variation but within physiological limits.From menstrual phase to proliferative phase, serum calcium levels increased(P-value 0.051) which is statistically significant.But from proliferative phase to secretory phase, calcium levels decreased(P-value 0.052).Whereas results for serum magnesium obtained were exactly opposite to that for serum calcium levels.Serum magnesium levels decreased from menstrual phase to proliferative phase(P-value 0.055) which is statistically significant and from proliferative phase to secretory phase serum magnesium levels increased (P-value 0.057).These changes in serum electrolytes may be attributed to the cyclic variations of ovarian hormones- estrogen and progesterone.Serum Ca2+/Mg2+ ratio increased from menstrual to proliferative phase and then decreased from proliferative to secretory phase. CONCLUSION:The cyclical changes in serum calcium and magnesium may produce changes in fluid and electrolyte balance responsible for premenstrual syndrome.This variation though is within physiological limits,gives indication for correction of necessary electrolytes for relief of pre-menstrual distress experienced by some women.