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Assessment of total antioxidant status in acute pancreatitis and prognostic significance

Authors:Satinder Kaur, Verma I, Narang APS, Chinna RS, Singh P, Aggarwal SP
Int J Biol Med Res. 2011; 2(2): 575 – 576  |  PDF File


Oxidative stress was assessed in acute pancreatitis by measuring total antioxidant status (TAS). TAS was measured in thirty cases of acute pancreatitis of various origin at time of admission, at 48 hours and 7th days after the admission. Twenty normal healthy volunteers served as controls for comparison of results. Total antioxidant levels of acute pancreatitis patients were statistically lower than controls. TAS levels were significantly lower at time of admission, 48 hours and 7th day of pancreatitis, when compared to control levels. TAS levels between survivors and non-survivors of acute pancreatitis did not show any statistically significant difference. No correlation was found between TAS levels of acute pancreatitis and mortality.