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A rare but fatal infection with chromobacterium violaceum isolated from a non-healing localized wound.

Authors:Pradip Kumar Das, Jayanta Debnath*, Abhijit Sarkar, Munmun Debnath
Int J Biol Med Res. 2015; 6(2): 4978-4980  |  PDF File


Chromobacterium violaceum, is a common free living saprophytic bacterium which is confined to tropical and subtropical regions of the world. Despite ubiquitous distribution, human infections with this organism are rare but when do occur, result in high mortality. Since its first detection in Malaysia in 1927, more than150 cases have been reported in the world literature, out of which few cases have been reported from different parts of India. We report a fatal case occurring in a fifty years old male patient who presented with a history of fever and pain abdomen along with an infected 17 days old wound over right foot due to a bamboo prick. Chromobacterium violaceum was isolated from the wound swab. The patient expired on third day of admission due to sepsis, as could not be treated with the sensitive drugs. Probably our isolation was the first from the North Eastern Region of India.