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Impact of spermiogram and sperm function test in idiopathic recurrent pregnancy loss

Authors:Papanna Kavitha , Thammaiya P Chaithra, Gopalappa Sreenivasa and Suttur S.Malini
Int J Biol Med Res. 2015; 6(1): 4677-4680  |  PDF File


Aims: To evaluate the role of sperm factors in idiopathic recurrent pregnancy loss cases. Methods: We recruited 100 male subjects where their female partners experienced 2 or more idiopathic pregnancy losses. Recurrent pregnancy loss (RPL) males were grouped into two groups RPL1 (individuals having 2 abortion) and RPL2 (individuals having more than 2 abortions). Fifty volunteers who had fathered child/children prior to the study without the history of recurrent pregnancy loss and unassisted pregnancies were considered as control group. We grouped RPL males into two categories age below 35 years and above 35 years to test whether age plays any role on RPL. Routine semen parameters and sperm function test were performed for all the subjects. Statistical analysis was performed using Independent- Samples T test. Results: Insignificant differences were observed in seminal volume, pH, motility and sperm count but vitality test scores were significantly lesser in both RPL groups when compared to control group. For all three sperm function test both the RPL group showed lesser scores when compare to control. RPL2 group showed more abnormalities when compared to RPL1 group. We did not identify any significant difference for any of the parameters between two age group of RPL males. Conclusion: Our results recommend the screening of both partners simultaneous in RPL cases for the better diagnosis and treatment