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Hemangioma of tongue: a conservative approach by sclerotherapy- a case report

Authors:Monal Madhukar Kukde*;Pankaj Banode;Rahul R Bhowate
Int J Biol Med Res. 2015; 6(2): 4981-4983  |  PDF File


The hemangioma is a benign proliferation of blood vessels that occurs mostly in the head and neck region in infants and children. The usual sites in oral cavity are tongue and floor of mouth. Though the vascular malformations may be clinically apparent at birth, it grows slowly, proportional to the growth of child and never involutes. In most cases, the diagnosis of hemangioma is based on clinical evaluation. A 9 year old female child with capillary hemangioma on right anterior one third dorsal aspect of tongue reported. In this case USG guided Sclerotherapy is used as a conservative treatment modality having advantage over surgery.