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Variant origin of lingual artery from facial artery

Authors:R.Chitra, R.Shakthi Kumaran
Int J Biol Med Res. 2015; 6(3): 5082-5083  |  PDF File


ABSTRACT: Aim: The knowledge of the variations of the arterial supply of the tongue is essential in various surgeries of tongue, dental procedures and in radiological investigations of the oral region. Methods: Here, we report a rare case of absence of lingual artery on right side of neck in a male cadaver of about 50 years in routine educational dissection of I M.B.B.S students in department of anatomy, Siddhartha medical college. Results: The lingual artery arose from the terminal part of facial artery on right side. The origin and course of lingual artery was normal on left side. Conclusion: This rare variation of absence of lingual artery is correlated with the previous studies.