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Vertebral level of spinal cord termination on mri and its correlation with age and gender in indian population.

Authors:S.B.Arjun, M.M. Bhoir, M.V. Ambiye
Int J Biol Med Res. 2015; 6(3): 5087-5089  |  PDF File


Confidence in performing a procedure like lumbar puncture comes from a knowledge base that knows what to expect1. The safe and successful performance of a clinical procedures demands a working and specific knowledge of anatomy. Aim- To determine the vertebral level of termination of spinal cord in Indian population using M.R.I. and correlate it with age and gender. Methods- MRI films of whole spine of 66 adults with age group of 18-65 years of either sex were analyzed and spinal cord termination noted. Results- Range of termination of spinal cord in study population was from T12 Upper (3%) to the L2-Middle (1.5%) one third of vertebra. The mean and maximum vertebral level of spinal cord termination (24.2%) was at L1-Middle one third of vertebra. Conclusion- wide range of spinal cord termination noted in present study. There was positive correlation seen between spinal cord termination and different age groups. With increasing age spinal cord termination level was noted at lower vertebral level. Spinal cord termination and gender were not associated with each other in this study. However in females level of termination of spinal cord noted at lower level than in males.