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A rare case report of placenta previa increta with incomplete uterine rupture.

Authors:R. Sharmaa , U.K.Chaudharyb, N. Mahajanc, A Vizd, A. Guptae
Int J Biol Med Res. 2015; 6(3): 5196-5198  |  PDF File


: Placenta increta is a rare but dreadful complication of pregnancy; the term is used when chorionic villi invade into the myometrium of the uterine wall. We report a case of incomplete uterine rupture secondary to placenta previa increta at 32 weeks of pregnancy who presented with vaginal bleeding. Patient had history of previous one caesarean section and she was diagnosed as type IV placenta previa in present pregnancy. During emergency caesarean section, placenta was bulging out through lower uterine segment with intact peritoneum over it. After delivering the baby, lower uterine segment and placenta started bleeding profusely so decision of doing caesarean hysterectomy taken. After histopathological examination of hysterectomy specimen it was placenta increta. So in patients with previous caesarean delivery and placenta previa, a strong clinical suspicion and a careful radiological evaluation of uterine wall and placentation is required to detect invasive placenta.