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Low awareness of diabetes affecting the clinical outcome of patient. a cross-sectional study conducted in rural tertiary care hospital

Authors:MP Khapre , A Mudey , R.C Goyal , V Wagh
Int J Biol Med Res. 2011; 2(3): 627-630  |  PDF File


Introduction: Developing countries will see more than a 200% increase in the number of diabetics. Lifestyle habits from the cities had started to replicate in semi-urban and rural area. Proper management requires patients to be aware of the nature of the disease, its risk factors, its treatment and its complications. But a less attempts are done to assess the educational need of the patients and studies are mostly from urban area. Objectives: In present study we had assessed the existing knowledge of diabetic patient regarding disease in tertiary care rural hospital. Methods: A cross sectional study with self administered knowledge based questionnaire containing 33 items was filled by hundred patients and accordingly their knowledge score was graded. F test, t test and descriptive statistic were used for data analysis. Results: Significant difference in mean knowledge score was found among different age groups, gender, residence and educational qualification. 18 % had poor knowledge on condition called diabetes, 32% , 16%, 36%,34% and 32% were poorly aware of etiology, signs and symptoms, medications, dietary management and complications. Mean blood glucose level of patients was 121.12 ± 3.63, BMI 30.56 ± 5.23 kg/ m2 while BP was 140 ± 6.32/ 88± 5.12 mm Hg. Conclusion: As a consequence of low awareness about the diabetes among patients, is affecting their ability of self management and hence having a negative impact on outcome of diabetes.