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Measurements of ulnar nerve motor and sensory nerve conduction velocity (ncv) - a normative data in young adult.

Authors:Sunil Chouhan
Int J Biol Med Res. 2016; 7(4): 5744 - 5747  |  PDF File


Abstract Background: Normal motor and sensory Nerve conduction velocity (NCV) test of the ulnar nerve is important because it is being affected in a number of diseases and the timely intervention can not only improve the diagnosis but also the outcome of prognosis. Objective: To assess the normative value of motor and sensory nerve conduction velocity of ulnar nerve in young adults. Materials and method: This cross section NCV study, both motor and sensory was done on 50 healthy subjects on ulnar nerve, using surface electrode. For motor studies ADM (abductor digiti minimi) muscle was used and for sensory flexor carpi ulnaris muscle tendon was used for recording and analysis. Result and Conclusion: The ulnar motor mean NCV between wrist and elbow using abductor digiti minimi muscle for right and left hand was 80.36 ± 9.97 / 79.98 ± 8.18 and ulnar mean sensory NCV using flexor carpi ulnaris muscle was 59.76 ± 9.55 / 60.50 ± 6.67 respectively. An attempt has been made to make a normal reference data for comparison with other researcher. .