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Isolation of globicatella sanguinis from cerebrospinal fluid of a neonate

Authors:Utpala Devi, Reeta Bora, Vinita Malik, Jagadish Mahanta*
Int J Biol Med Res. 2016; 7(4): 5760 - 5762  |  PDF File


Globicatella sanguinis is known to cause various diseases including meningitis in children and adult as well as in animals. However, its role in causing neonatal meningitis was not known. Here we report isolation of this bacterium from cerebrospinal fluid of a neonate, and to best of our knowledge is the first case in a neonate. The identification of the isolate required both phenotypic as well as genotypic characterisation. The neonate recovered following antimicrobial treatment with cloxacillin and amikacin. Through this report we would like to highlight the fact that identification based on phenotypic methods alone can misidentify many bacteria which may affect specific antibiotic prescription