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Ratio of ast/alt and serum gamma glutamyl transferase (ggt) activity in chronic alcoholics and acute viral hepatities.”

Authors:N.S. Dange , Abhay Nagdeote
Int J Biol Med Res. 2016; 7(1): 5410-5413  |  PDF File


Background:. Liver enzymes AST, ALT, Gamma Glutamyl Transferase (γ-GT), ALP activity in serum is assayed in Controls, Chronic alcoholics and Acute viral hepatitis and controls. Analysis was done to find the comparative level of liver associated enzymes among chronic alcholics and viral hepatitis. Materials and Methods: Fifty-one chronic male alcoholics aged between 30-60 years, and thirty six patients with viral hepatitis who were admitted to the medicine ward, were the subjects. Forty Eight Age-matched, normal, healthy controls were also included in the study. GGT, ALT, AST and ALP were assayed in the clinical biochemistry laboratory using auto analyser by kit method Results: Chronic alcoholics (n=51) subjects shows increased in serum levels of GGT (185.42±58.32), ALT (83.43±32.48), AST (139.29±64.34), ALP (173.42±31.62), as compared to controls which was statistically significant. In Acute Viral hepatitis (n=36), all enzymes levels were statistically increased significant as compared to controls. But the levels of GGT (108.47±31.54) & ALT (293.43±54.62) were more significant in viral hepatitis as compared to controls and chronic alcoholics. Ratio of AST/ALT was significantly increased (1.66) as compared to controls (0.92). But the ratio of AST/ALT was more significantly decreased (0.49) in acute viral hepatitis as compared to chronic alcoholics.Conclusion: Serum GGT and the ratio of AST/ALT increased much more in chronic alcoholics than viral hepatitis. In Viral hepatitis the GGT increased but not more than in chronic alcoholics, while level of ALT most significant in viral hepatitis.