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Antidiabetic activity of plants, fruits and vegetables: a review

Authors:Md. Uzzal Haque*, Samiron Sana
Int J Biol Med Res. 2016; 7(1): 5452-5458  |  PDF File


The goal of the current study is appreciated various plants, fruits, vegetables used for antidiabetic activity. Diabetes mellitus is the most conventional diseases in the world. It is the fourth leading reason of death in the most developed countries and it in epidemic in the developing and newly industrialized countries. Diabetes mellitus is a terrible disease found in all areas of the world and is coming a weighty threat to mankind health. It is a serious thread to be met within 21st century. Some traditional plants, fruits, vegetables may hover the improvement of diabetic complications and maintain the metabolic disorders. Some studies have assured the benefits of medicinal plants, vegetables, fruits with hypoglycemic effects in the administration of diabetes mellitus. Several medicinal plants, vegetables, fruits have been reported in the literature as having been used to control diabetes.The current investigation, attention is focused on practical studies performed on hypoglycemic fruits, plants, vegetables. These review effective principles derived from natural products are offering a great opportunity to appreciate not only entirely new chemical compounds of antidiabetic agents, but also modern lead compound and potentially relevant action. In total, this review represents the outline of plants, fruits, vegetables within the hypoglycemic natures, reported in the literature.