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the bioactivity of hexadecanoic acid compound isolated from hydroid aglaophenia cupressina lamoureoux as antibacterial agent against salmonella typhi

Authors:Eva Johannes , Magdalena Litaay , Syahribulan
Int J Biol Med Res. 2016; 7(2): 5469-5472  |  PDF File


Background & Objectives: The new, more effective antibiotic sources are urgently needed now to overcome the multi-drug resistance (MDR) in the treatment of infectious diseases caused by pathogenic microorganisms. This study was aimed to find out the bioactivity of the hexadecanoic acid isolated from hydroid AglaopheniacupressinaLamoureoux with inhibition mechanisms or lethal to Salmonella typhi that frequently contaminate food materials. Methods: This study was an experimental study with the following treatment steps: Isolation and characterization of the compounds from hydroid A. cupressinaLamoureoux by chromatography. Hexadecanoic acids and the isolates from hydroid A. cupressinaLamoureoux were then tested against S. typhi at various concentrations (10 ppm, 20 ppm, and 30 ppm). Result: Study findings indicated that: (1) hexadecanoic acid at the concentration of 30 ppm is bactericidal against S. syphi.Interpretation & Conclusion: From the study findings, it can be concluded that hexadecanoic acid (30 ppm) has antibacterial activity by damaging the cells wall of S. typhi.