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Impact of hypothyroidism on lipid metabolism: a cross sectional study at a tertiary care centre of central india

Authors:Anil Kumar Jain , Sangita Paneri *, Rajeev Lohokare , Purnima D.Sarkar
Int J Biol Med Res. 2016; 7(2): 5515-5517  |  PDF File


aim: Overt and subclinical hypothyroidism has an adverse effect on the serum lipid profile that may predispose to the development of atherosclerotic disease. Controversies still prevail even a substantial number of studies were done to assess the lipid profile status of hypothyroid patients. So, the present study was aimed to evaluate the alteration in lipid profile of hypothyroid patients that might be helpful for their clinical management. methods: A total of 100 subjects were included in the study. After conducting thyroid function tests, subjects with TSH levels >6.0 μ IU/ml were considered as hypothyroid. These were further divided into sub-clinical hypothyroid (n=40, TSH- 6.1 to 9.9μIU/ml) and overt hypothyroid (n=28, TSH ≥ 10 μ IU/ml) group. Subjects having euthyroid state (n=32, TSH≤ 6.0µIU/ml) were taken as controls. The patients and controls were matched by ethnic group. results: Mean serum total cholesterol, triglyceride and LDL cholesterol levels in hypothyroid cases and euthyroid controls were 240.2±60.01vs. 145.86±23.12mg/dL, 215.28±100.73vs. 98.87±40.17mg/dL and 150.96±59.26 vs. 72.43±26.89 mg/dL respectively with p values < 0.001 whereas HDL cholesterol was found significantly decreased in cases compared to controls (48.59±11.65vs. 56.75±11.70 mg/dL with p value < 0.05).conclusion: Results of our study suggest that overt hypothyroidism is associated with dyslipidemia, which may lead to increased cardiac risk. So, lipid profile must be done routinely in these patients.