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Susceptibility towards obstructive lung change (fev1/fvc) in rice mill workers in comparison to normal adult individuals.

Authors:Dr.Uma R*, Dr. Rajeshwari L*
Int J Biol Med Res. 2016; 7(2): 5534-5536  |  PDF File


Abstract: Due to industrialization and global competitive market trend, rice mill has emerged as a major industrial activity in small medium scale sector to cater to the needs of increasing population. Occupational exposure to rice husk dust have been shownto affect functioning of different systems of the body. The present study was taken up to assess the Pulmonary Function Tests (FEV1/FVC) in rice mill workers. Methods:Fifty non-smoker males in the age group of 18–30 years working in rice millsfor more than 1 year formed the study group. Age and sex matched individuals not exposed to rice husk dust served the control group. Pulmonary function parameters FEV1, FVC andFEV1/FVC were assessed using computerised Spirometer during their working hours and were statistically analysed. Results: There was a statistically significant decrease in FEV1, FVC and FEV1% in study group compared to control group with normal. Conclusion: The above findings point towards adverse effects of rice husk dust on lung function, mainly on lower airways with obstructive pattern of disease.