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Primary angiosarcoma of breast – an unusual breast malignancy

Authors:Saroj A. Bolde , Rajendra B. Madane* , Gopal A. pandit
Int J Biol Med Res. 2016; 7(2): 5537-5539  |  PDF File


ABSTRACT- Primary angiosarcoma (De novo) of breast is an extremely unusual variant of breast malignancies and its incidence is about 0.05% of all primary breast malignancies. Here in, we are reporting an interesting case of Primary angiosarcoma (De novo) of breast in 84 yrs old female patient. Clinically patient presented with deeply located, non-tender, rapidly growing lump in breast. There was no history of breast surgery or radiotherapy. In the present case lumpectomy was done. On histopathological examination it was diagnosed as poorly differentiated angiosarcoma (grade III) and confirmed on immunohistochemistry.