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Guttate morphea: a case report

Authors:Morphea Guttate morphea Localized Scleroderma
Int J Biol Med Res. 2016; 7(3): 5669-5671  |  PDF File


Scleroderma means hard, thick skin. The term “localized scleroderma” refers to the fact thatthis group of conditions is “localized” to the skin, with no internal organ involvement.Sometimes, the term “morphea” is used interchangeably with localized scleroderma. It is divided into several subtypes all of which transition through an early inflammatory stage followed by sclerosis and subsequent atrophy, guttate morhea is one of the rarest sub types, and it represent less than 1% of the cases worldwide. In our case we represent a 53 year-old male with guttate morphea. Two years ago the patient developed hypopigmented non pruritic papules on the back and shoulders. The clinical presentation, examination and histopathology of our patient were consistent with guttate morphea. c