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Health related quality of life in patients of the gallbladder cancer with treatment

Authors:Punam Pandey , Manoj Pandey , KK Singh , Ruhi Dixit ,V.K. Shukla
Int J Biol Med Res. 2017; 8(2): 5948-5953  |  PDF File


Aim: The diagnosis of gallbladder cancer and its subsequent treatment has significant impact on the gallbladder cancer patients and their quality of life (QOL). The present study attempts to compare QOL in different treatment group of patients in gallbladder cancer, as to reveal better treatment scope in a particular group. Methods: Method used in study is by collecting the information by quality of life questionnaire containing five parameters physical wellbeing (PWB), social wellbeing (SWB), emotional well being (EMB), functional well being (FWB) and disease specific well being (HCS) was obtained by facit.org. FACT Hep Hindi (version4) was used by the permission of copyright owner. A self developed Performa was developed related to symptoms, examinations, stage and treatment of patient. Results: The patient in the present study receiving Surgical and adjuant treatment is having better QOL than Chemotherpy. The patients operated as cholecystectomy was having poor QOL than Radical cholecystectomy. Drug regimen gemicitabine +cisplatin was found to be effective in compare with other drug regimen. In follow up long term treatment of Surgery, chemotherapy, adjuant and over all treatment groups the patients QOL was found to be deteriorating and poor. Conclusion: QOL derangements are common in gallbladder cancer patients, It is important to find out better treatment Option according to their disease status, However to identify those meriting intervention and significant associated factors showing satisfactory QOL in general population would be a viable solution.