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Comparative results of frature distal third of femur treated by various operative modalities

Authors:Sachin joshi , Shamendra kumar meena , K.G. Nama
Int J Biol Med Res. 2017; 8(2): 6012-6017  |  PDF File


Abstract- The incidence of distal femur fracture is approximately 37 per 100,000 person per year. Typically distal femur fractures are caused by a high energy injury mechanism in young men or a low energy mechanism in elderly women. Managing these fractures can be a challenging task.interlocking nail, supracondylar nail and nail-plate can be satisfactorily used for fixation of distal third femoral fractures while distal third femoral fracture with intraarticular extension can be treated with dynamic condylar screw. It provides rigid and strong fixation in this type of fracture,. Thus permitting early mobilization of affected joint which is very essential for achieving better over all functional results post operatively.