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Normalized power are used in the recognition of insomnia sleep disorder throughemg1-emg2 channel

Authors:Md Belal Bin Heyat, Faijan Akhtar,Arshad Mehdi,Shafan Azad, Md Ammar Bin Hayat
Int J Biol Med Res. 2017; 8(2): 5986-5989  |  PDF File


Abstract- Insomnia is a very harmful disease to the zoological species. Insomnia is a neurological and sleep disease. The diagnosis of insomnia is use in the EEG signal. Delta Wave & Theta Wave are use in the detection of insomnia sleep disorder. The all simulation is completed by MATLAB programming. The detection time both normalized power of the insomnia patient and normal patient is associated. Nine insomnia and sixteen normal patient, four EEG wave and three sleep stages successfully achieve the all research of investigation of insomnia. The normalized power are achieved by MATLAB programming i.e. normalized power are used in the recognition of insomnia.